Art at The Gather

You are invited to a solo exhibition with local landscape artist Emma Hunt at The Gather.

Opening day 12.30pm, 13th January 2020 with artist in conversation and demonstration.

Runs until 29th February 2020.

Emma uses art as therapy for herself and teaches others the benefits of her techniques at local charities.

She suffers from a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which causes a lot of pain. After abandoning her pain killers, she found herself reawakened to the beauty of our local landscapes. She discovered art distracts her from pain and hasn’t looked back. She will share her path to where she is now and demonstrate her techniques on the opening day.

Emma has been featured in The Whitehaven News, BBC Radio Cumbria and the newest edition of Cumbria Guide.

Not to be missed!

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