Creative Ennerdale

A summer of fun, music and creativity
in the Ennerdale Valley in 2019

Something’s stirring in the remote Ennerdale valley this summer!
A feast of creativity, celebrating the wildness of the natural environment,and providing creative inspiration for residents and visitors alike.

We’re Live!
We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Creative Ennerdale
project, an exciting new Arts initiative for west Cumbria. We have a host of exciting and inspiring events coming up, and we want you to get
involved! Whether you sing in the shower, have a musical instrument
that you’d like to learn (or play more of) are a closet story-teller, poet,
dancer, actor or fire-breathing juggler, the Creative Ennerdale project is a chance for you to develop your creative skills alongside other
like-minded souls and with some inspirational artists from across the UK and Europe.
June 8th, July 6th,September 7th
We’re reviving the Marry Neet! A series of monthly events to re-animate
this traditional celebration of Cumbrian community creativity, where
local people and visitors share songs, stories, poems, dances, tunes and
other creative talents! With Dave CamlinSteve WhartonArwen Heaton and special guests…
We’re also looking for singers to join our ‘Natural Voice’ community choir The Gathering Voices – we’ll grow it over the summer months to perform at The Gathering event in October. Afternoon workshops with Dave (and occasionally others from Mouthful) before each Merry Neet. All welcome, no previous singing experience necessary, no need to be able to read
music, scores and rehearsal MP3s available.
Performance Workshops
We’re developing a new piece of community theatre for The Gathering 
event in October which will re-imagine a raucous Merry Neet on the last night of the Anglers Hotel before it was demolished in 1961. As well as
singers, we need dancers, actors and story-tellers to help us tell the story. Unleash your hidden talents, and be part of an exciting community
ensemble, having lots of fun along the way!

Workshops start THIS WEEKEND with clog dancer Arwen Heaton
introducing us to the delights of step-clog dancing!

 Dance Workshops
June 2nd / 16th
Step-clog dance workshops with Arwen Heaton 13:30 – 16:30. Dig out your dancing shoes, and come and learn some traditional step-clog dance
moves to bring the story of the Ennerdale valley to life.

 Performance / Story-telling Workshops
June 30th / July 21st
Performance and story-telling workshops with Steve Wharton 
13:30 – 16:30. We’re looking for actors, story-tellers, writers and poets to
come and help us weave our story into a performance.
August 9th – 11th
A weekend residential in the valley – artistic creation and collaboration
inspired by Ennerdale’s glorious natural environment, with resident
musicians MouthfulDirk Proost, Sarah Verhulst, Brendan Murphy,
willow artist Phil Bradley and more…
October 5th
A festival of everyday creativity, bringing the community together to
share our creative outpourings, including the premiere of a new
‘community musical’ to ‘re-imagine’ the epic journey of a group of hardy Ennerdale residents hiking back across the fells for the last Merry Neet
at The Anglers Hotel in Ennerdale before it was demolished in 1961
(rehearsals Jul 28th, Sep 24th, Oct 4th).

Special guest performances from MouthfulTrycksterHerdus 
and more…

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