Forthcoming Events

We are delighted to announce the Autumn events schedule, which will be expanding weekly.  Please keep an eye on our Events pages over the  coming weeks.

We will be launching music nights, a film club and other delights for all ages.

Some of the Events will be ticketed and the tickets will be on sale via Eventbrite online ticket purchase.  There will be a bespoke link for each one noted beside the listing.  We have limited capacity Upstairs @ The Gather.  This system of ticket sales allows people to purchase at their leisure and without having to come to The Gather to get tickets.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events!



One month at The Gather!

We’ve served over 1,000 cups of coffee and 500 pots of speciality tea in the first 4 weeks of The Gather Cafe!

We’ve sold over 500 eggs, at least 30 pears to Sam, served 500 cookies and flapjacks, 120 slices of Victoria sponge cake, Ginger bread, 250 scones, 65 sausage butties, loads of sandwiches and bowls and bowls of home-made soup!

Come and make our second month even better!

Thanks to all our staff and volunteers!

The Gather


The Gather Cafe Opens!

As promised The Gather Cafe is opening Monday, 25th April.
We will get handover of the building at lunchtime and will be offering coffee, tea and cakes from 2 – 5pm on Monday and Tuesday this week.
From Wednesday, 27th April our hours will extend and the Shop will start being stocked.
We look forward to welcoming you all to YOUR new Community Centre!
Best wishes from
The Gather Team